What is a separation agreement?

What is a separation agreement?




Can I be awarded temporal spousal support during the pendency of a divorce proceeding?

There may be times that a couple are going through marital issues, but both husband and wife are not yet ready for divorce.
During this time period, both husband and wife may agree to live apart and such a decision can be made manifest in a separation agreement.

Clauses making financial provision for a spouse are usually included in a separation agreement. Other provisions can be included depending on the needs of the parties, such as assets. A separation agreement addresses what will be done with jointly held assets or interests.

Separation agreement are enforceable in the court of law.

While you are legally separated, you are not divorced and therefore cannot remarry during this time. Any debts that either one incur will be your sole responsibility and any property that your purchased after being legally separated will be considered your sole and separate property.

When there is a valid agreement between the parties, which is arrived at with the assistance they had from legal advisers and approved by the court, effect ought to be given to it unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary.

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